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What is GSM?

The GEOINT Solutions Marketplace (GSM), is an open and inclusive online exchange that enables the community of users and solution providers to connect, collaborate and enhance the GEOINT mission.

GSM is a repository for information about the GEOINT mission, vision and strategy, user’s needs and challenges, solutions, industry capabilities and trends and R&D. Additionally, it is an interactive environment to gather new ideas, increase transparency, and collaborate on new technologies.

Connect problems and capabilities

Connect relevant problems and capabilities

How do I find what’s out there? How do I market my capabilities? Discover opportunities to work together.

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Level playing field for everyone

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Business opportunities

Find new business opportunities

Respond to problems to present your capabilities directly to people actively seeking them.


GSM Members

Connect and collaborate to enhance the GEOINT mission. Explore the Members directory to find out more about your peers and discover opportunities to work together.

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GSM Capabilities

Add your Capabilities to the GSM catalog to be discovered by the GEOINT community. Capabilities can be products, services, or data.

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GSM Problems

Submit your Solutions against specific Problems related to the GEOINT mission. Every Solution submission will have 100% guaranteed feedback.

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The Commercial GEOINT Activity (CGA) Leader Board is an information capture, storage, display, and dissemination capability that leverages existing infrastructure for commercial GEOINT industry to participate in the CGA assessment process. CGA is a joint NGA and NRO entity, created jointly by their directors, to be the focal point for the Intelligence Community's efforts to understand and leverage emergent commercial GEOINT capabilities for our GEOINT needs.

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eNGAge with us to innovate, to explore... to advance.

eNGAge is a new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) program that supports exchanges of people with industry and academia. The program invites companies and academic institutions to host members of team GEOINT or provide members of your team to spend time as a member of ours. Working together, eNGAge will act as a force multiplier to enhance our collective contribution to our national security, help us stay ahead of technology trends, support awareness of each other’s industry and capabilities, take calculated risks and learn and adapt as the realities of the world dictate.

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