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What is AcquiTivity®? It is a daily, curated content forum designed to provide information and encourage discussion so members increase their understanding — of the perspectives, challenges, strengths and limitations of all those in the acquisition community. The community includes the requirement developers, program and project managers, contracting workforce, end users, oversight personnel, legislators, taxpayers, and other stakeholders. The content also includes the acquisition process itself. AcquiTivity® provides news, discussion boards, original and sponsored content, and links to facilitate the use of social media – all with an end to enable communication and sharing of information in a way that generates knowledge, engenders a sense of community and promotes a high level of performance. Why AcquiTivity®? Many of you are thinking that there are already many sites out there that provide excellent and important information specific to the acquisition community, and you are right. In fact, one could spend an entire day finding and reading high-value content — and that is exactly the problem. With our busy schedules and the demands of the modern workplace, it is very difficult to find the time to perform that kind of search and remain current on a daily basis. At the same time, the information is critical to our understanding of the community in which we work. Who is the audience for AcquiTivity®? All who have an interest or stake in the acquisition process and community. While I was fortunate enough to have taken part in an industry council earlier in my Government career, it was not feasible for all members of our organization, at all levels, to do so. AcquiTivity® enables any member of the acquisition community, at any level, to join in the discussion, provide a perspective, and become a thought leader. Please make AcquiTivity® a part of your daily routine and share the information that interests you with friends, co-workers, and anyone who you think would benefit from receiving it. We look forward to hearing your suggestions, reading your posts and original content, and especially, growing with you.

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