Advanced Knowledge Management & Multi-INT Data Fusion

i3solutions Inc.

Karl Walinskas
Collaboration Gis Search Visualization Analytics

i3solutions believes that Intelligence Analysts should spend less time finding, managing and curating information, and more time analyzing meaningful intelligence. We offer Next Generation Knowledge Management solutions that fuse the power of Cognitive Computing and Social Networks into your internal information to provide more comprehensive and mission-critical insights and knowledge. Our solutions are designed to resemble user friendly social and mobile applications so users actually want to use these systems and contribute. We expand on the storage and management of traditional knowledge and documents and provide a better means of fusing, sharing, collaborating on, and exploring numerous Intelligence data sources, including GIS data, OSINT feeds, SIGINT and many more. This provides analysts with a broader picture within a single tool and helps them visualize patterns and relationships by focus area. We provide anticipative recommendations and suggested data based upon the user’s profile and access history, by design to help the Intelligence Community navigate multi-INT data sources and successfully achieve their missions.

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