Aspera FASPStream Software


Jared Putman
Aspera Ibm Fasp Streaming Video GEOINT Content

Aspera FASP transport technology is a patented bulk data transport widely utilized in digital media for achieving highly efficient, high-speed bulk media transfer over IP networks, with efficiency independent of distance and quality (roundtrip latency and packet loss). However, until this point, the FASP architecture had no suitable application interface for transporting live data. In contrast with bulk file-structured data (e.g. VoD), live stream data need be delivered to the play out application in the same order it was passed to the transport tier. This ordered delivery constraint required Aspera to innovate a new byte streamlining capability in its transport platform on top of the FASP datagram delivery protocol. The resulting protocol— “FASPstream” — is a fully reliable bulk data streaming protocol that delivers data and video streams over Internet WANs including minimal buffering or glitches, and with negligible start-up delay. In this paper we describe the underlying protocol design and statistical model that predicts the FASPstream performance and we demonstrate through real world measurements the resulting quality in live video delivery that creates radically new possibilities for live streaming video.

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