AWS/C2S Migration and Transition Support


T. Richard Stroupe Jr.
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Sequoia is an award-winning, employee-owned provider of high-end software development and engineering services centered on improving the analytic, collection, collaboration and sharing of data. Sequoia provides engineering and analytic solutions to the national security sector, including the US intelligence, defense and homeland security communities. Sequoia has established itself as a leader in assisting the national security sector with strategy, architecture, migration and development solutions in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Sequoia AWS past performance examples includes: legacy application transition/migration, new application development, system architecture and design and managed services (DevOps). Sequoia is a recognized AWS consulting partner. To assist with C2s adoption and transition, Sequoia has built The Combine, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) emulator built to simulate secure operational Regions, such as GovCloud and C2S. With Sequoia Combine, applications can be engineered, tested and scanned against IC specifications to accelerate time to ICD 503 compliance, ISVs can utilize a similar environment for operational support / user adoption and the abilty to deploy services and support with remote personnel. Sequoia certified AWS experts have been engaged with C2S from its beginning and understand its unique configuration requirements. For more information on the Sequoia Combine, please visit

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