Duncan Stewart

The Axellio edge-computing system, developed in partnership with Intel over a 3-year skunkworks effort, is a highly-innovative compute/storage platform with 2 dual Intel server modules, up to 88 cores, 2 TB RAM, and 460 TB flash storage—all in a single 2U chassis. The system is capable of 12M IOPs, 60 gigabyte transfer rates, and under 50 microseconds of latency. The six modular slots can accommodate storage, CPUs, or GPUs to optimize for advanced cyber, streaming big-data analytics, and tactical edge sensor fusion missions. The two server modules are directly connected via the high speed PCIe lanes to the entire storage array which allows for lightning-fast, high-volume ingest and simultaneous processing without any delays. This system is highly mobile and can be packed in travel cases and taken on commercial flights. Axellio represents a massive innovation leap as the fastest edge computing platform with the lowest SWaP and affordability profile in the world. It provides an entire high-performance data center worth of capability in a suitcase.

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