DLT Solutions

Greg Blackburn
License compliance Financial Management Enterprise Architecture Asset Management IT Modernization

As the proud creators of Technopedia, we offer the most complete, most authoritative enterprise technology data on the planet. With the straight scoop on over 1.7 million products and more than 119 million market data points, Technopedia serves as the foundation to deliver better data to your enterprise. Add our solutions for discovery, normalization, and our APIs to connect you to the rest of the IT world. These solutions allow you to get a handle on what you’re running and why, how much of what you have you can get rid of, and what you need to buy, or migrate next. Now that everyone has access to the right data, each part of the business can do a better job. Enterprise architects now have the visibility to plan for what they need, the procurement team can enter into negotiations with the upper hand, and IT can better manage their assets and services. We provide a common language every department in the company can use to communicate, collaborate, and perhaps for the first time, interoperate with everyone getting just the right level of data. Best of all, you can do all this and more without having to do it yourself. Because you can outsource the maintenance of your enterprise technology data to the company that invented its best practice and who still does it better than anyone else. We are BDNA.

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