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Gary Schrader
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Search Technologies Capabilities and Federal Successes Search Technologies is the world's premier, independent group of search experts. We focus on offering professional services to help companies develop enterprise search strategy, implement new search solutions, rescue troubled search implementations, or plan and execute a transition from one search technology to another. We have over 200 people across the globe dedicated solely to search. Please look at for an overview of the executive management team. While most larger Federal SIs are shallow in “search” as a core competency, “search” is Search Technologies core competency as a “subject matter expert.” I am not sure if you remember Retrieval Ware formerly Excaliber/Convera, it was one of the first search technologies developed and widely used both commercially and by our Federal government in the mid-1990’s. Paul Nelson was the inventor of that platform, besides being a noted SME in Search. He is Search Technologies’ Vice President and Chief Architect. We have deep search expertise in variety of technologies, including Microsoft products (SharePoint 2013, FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, FAST ESP), open source search solutions (such as Elastic Search and Solr), Autonomy IDOL, the GSA (Google Search Appliance), and other search engine vendors such as Attivio, Coveo, Exalead, IBM Watson (Vivisimo), and MarkLogic among others. We have helped many customers use Big Data to improve search relevance. We have helped hundreds of clients both commercially, SLED, and Federal (PTO, OSD CAPE, Library of Congress, GPO, National Archives, State Department, multiple DOE National Labs, etc) to implement or improve an existing search solution, or to plan the transition from one search technology to another. We do work closely with Cloudera and Elastic Search as premier partners since everyone seems to be moving to Open Source solutions. Please look at for more info on Federal customers/use cases. We also have implemented Corporate Wide Search applications for Deloitte, Accenture, and EMC to just name a few of large Federal integrators and/or vendors. We have subject matter experts certified on all vendors search and big data analytic platforms as well as open source solutions. We have successfully assessed, developed, delivered, and managed numerous solutions worldwide as well as in our Federal government. See . Below and attached is other case studies, website, etc. that also be of interest since they are Federal: Library of Congress – Cataloguer’s Desktop: Information Today, Inc. has made the entire issue of the March/April 2016 Online Searcher available in a digital format. Here's the link to the issue: and for LOC Case Study: . Government Publishing Office Case Study: and GPO website (created by Search Technologies): . Office of Law Revision Counsel Website and Search Solution (created by Search Technologies): . Also please see what we have done for the National Archives (NARA): Finally, we do have a framework call Aspire (see attached) that allows an organization to bring in data from legacy systems, normalize and enrich as a backend to whatever search and big data architecture that you might be standardizing on. We are a small business and would be great resource to meet subject matter expert requirements around search and big data analytics. No other systems integrator large or small has the deep expertise that we have in search and big data analytics since that is all we do. This is why most if not all of the large Federal systems integrators turn to Search Technologies as a subcontractor for open systems search and big data analytics architectural and engineering support.

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