Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Visualization

i3solutions Inc.

Karl Walinskas
Analytics Visualization GIS Modeling Image Processing

Information is one of the most vital assets for the Intelligence Community. But, how can be better utilize the enormous volume of data that is available today? In a world of more data than ever before, we are finding less meaning. i3solutions believes analysts should spend less time curating information, and more time analyzing useful intelligence. We implement Data Analysis solutions that aggregate multi-INT sources of data, structured AND unstructured, into easy to use data visualization tools. Our solutions provide users with valuable insight and relationships from multiple, disparate data sources--unstructured text, social media, and GIS information are but a few. We infuse Cognitive Computing to automatically finds trends, patterns, and relationships in the data that are not easily identified through manual analysis, if at all. Through creation of Data Dashboards, i3solutions personalizes the data experience for analysts based upon location, theater of battle, and other focus areas.

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