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Chad Wilmouth
Analytics Image Processing Search Remote Sensing

AURORA is a disruptive technology that psychoanalytically maps any population whether a city, county, state, region, or country using commercially available data provided by device manufacturers, telecommunication companies, online traffic, open and dark web traffic and software applications. The capability has clearly demonstrated high success in discovering financial fraud, money laundering, insurgent and terrorist activities, and can be used to analyze the online activities, associations, and other factors for those seeking entry into the United States. Examples are, analyzed a population of 5 Million and reduced that within a few hours to the single individual who is sitting in a small craft outside a port facility observing US Navy vessels, has traveled to a known insurgent training location multiple times, is having dark web exchanges with ISIS and AL Qaeda operatives and supporters, and who has never stayed in the same location two times in the past year. The capability, used at one of the world's largest banks uncovered four employees, each in a different country, and all engaged in money laundering with the most significant having laundered $1.7 Billion over a four-year period, evading banking officials and regulators inquiries and methods of detection.

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