Collection Planning Suite (CPS)

Riverside Research

Mr. John Ploschnitznig
Visualization Remote Sensing Gis Mission Planning Collection Software Foundation Geoint

Riverside Research’s Collection Planning Suite (CPS) is a web-based modeling and simulation environment and an automated planning tool for space-based GEOINT. The CPS has a Technical Readiness Level of 9 (TRL-9) and is operational today in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency enterprise. Its cloud-compliant (AWS/C2S) framework supports satellite collection research and analysis, feasibility studies, strategy development, and daily planning for a multi-phenomenology constellation. The CPS is ICD 503 Intel Overlay C compliant and supports multi-classification constellations in a single instantiation. Using system models, the CPS can easily modify existing or quickly integrate new GEOINT data providers. The CPS creates optimized collection plans using a super-set of the GIMS Collection Requirement parameters including priority, geometry, solar/lunar lighting, and cyclic parameters, and accounts for real-time weather, local terrain, threats, and other conditions. The service-oriented CPS can integrate into most system-of-systems via documented web services for collection requirements, execution status, exploitation status, Tip-and-Cue, and other data. Planners and researchers can visualize the collection plans on an interactive, IC ITE compliant 4D WebGL globe complete with terrain, imagery, or other GIS layers. As a license-free product for the U.S. Government, the CPS is a powerful and affordable answer to your GEOINT constellation planning needs.

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