ComSpOC, AGI's Commercial Space Operations Center


Travis Langster
Analytics Modeling Visualization

The Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC™) is a space situational awareness (SSA) facility that fuses satellite-tracking measurements from a continually growing global network of commercial sensors. The ComSpOC™ generates High Definition Ephemeris (HiDEph™) and other highly accurate SSA data products for resident space object (RSO) characterization, providing exceptional foundation data for objects of interest in space. The ComSpOC™ is now tracking 10,000+ total space objects, 75% of all active geosynchronous (GEO) satellites and 100% of all active GEO satellites over the continental U.S. The ComSpOC™ is currently using more than 28 optical sensors and multiple radar sites. An RF data processing test verified the ability of ComSpOC™ to do near real-time maneuver characterization and continuous custody for active GEOs. The SpaceBook®, a service that currently provides data including, status, orbit mission and owner information of all tracked objects, is now live. In the future, this will serve as a subscription-based portal for ComSpOC™ data such as health, status, event and trending information of all tracked objects.

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