CyGLASS Cyber Analytics Platform

CyGlass Inc.

Kent Bartlett
Analytics Cyber Security Visualization

The CyGLASS Cyber Analytics Platform is a comprehensive suite of software tools that enable network security analysts to discover the patterns and connections between events that distinguish true cyber campaigns from nuisance attacks/false alarms. CyGLASS is designed to overcome the challenges of data volume and complexity in Enterprise network defense. It is built on a foundation of Big Data methods for storing, analyzing and understanding massive volumes of raw data with complex interdependencies. CyGLASS applies new advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and graph theory methods to discover hidden and unexpected connections and patterns of behavior within the network. CyGLASS is able to spot small deviations from usual network activity that reveal the actions of hostile actors. This ability of learning a network's particular patterns and then detecting deviations gives CyGLASS its advantage over traditional cyber security tools that rely on predefined signatures. Every action in a targeted attack, no matter how well-camouflaged, leaves an imprint on the network, and these imprints can be detected by detailed analysis of real-time and historical information about activity in the network. CyGLASS is designed to be deployed over-the-cloud or on prem to detect and remediate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Insider Threats.

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