Facial Pictures Database


Ivan Augenstein

b. Catalogue/Database Digital Video from Body Wearable Cameras (BWC) and Key Locations in Criminal Hotspots. First, the actual video file can be searched based on the agency, camera name (if provided), date and time the video was taken and a location (general or GPS precision if applicable). A GUI can be implemented that displays available video files on a map to show the collection of video data and will help with metrics at the end of the year. Second, the persons or faces of persons in the video can be extracted and also searchable as well. If a user wants to know who was captured in a video, there can be a list of faces separately set aside. With facial recognition, if a specific person is wanted, a picture can be searched on all of the collected faces in each video. The search is purely dependent on the software, quality of video, face captured, and the angle the face is collected so not every picture will be perfected. As facial recognition is still improving, the face files will be available when facial recognition technology has advanced. This method will still revolutionize the analysis of video, making it easy and timely.

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