FinitEdge Change Detection and Feature Extraction

World of Change

J. Michael Brown
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The following represents some of the change detection applications where FinitEdge™ has proven proficient. Please note that many of these are not currently operational with the new coding for SaaS, but would become so with demonstrated interest and commitment from appropriate clients. | DETECTION OF BUILDING STRUCTURES, including the rapid extraction of Pintroids (rooftop points) 1) Locating populations by individual structures for census, humanitarian, military or disaster purposes a) Census Bureau, Homeland Security, United Nations,… b) Big data - Google Maps, HERE, TomTom,… | BUILDING STRUCTURE DETAIL for additions, new, or demolished buildings 1) For property appraisers recouping real property taxes from unreported or underreported development a) Individual U.S. counties or entire countries like Italy | ROAD CENTERLINES a) Census Bureau, Homeland Security, United Nations,… b) Big data - Google Maps, HERE, TomTom,… c) Autonomous Vehicle navigation | ROAD EDGES a) County and state pavement management programs b) Autonomous Vehicle navigation | IMPERVIOUS SURFACES a) City and county storm water management programs | LAND USE / LAND CLASS a) County, state, federal and United Nations | AGRICULTURE 1) Detect accuracy of Common Land Unit (CLU) boundaries and crop compliance a) USDA Farm Service Agency b) Farm insurance companies | LiDAR/TOPOGRAPHIC UPDATE 1) Detect areas with high probability for 3D change/update a) County, state, and federal | DISASTER RESPONSE a) Building structure damage from the Joplin, Missouri tornado and Hurricane Sandy disasters were rapidly processed with tremendous success

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