Forcepoint, previously Raytheon Cyber Products, LLC

Gail Bradley
Cyber Security

CONTENT SECURITY Forcepoint enables personnel to safely communicate and read content received over email, the web and other channels without being attacked by advanced threats. In addition, sophisticated Data Loss Prevention (DLP), integrated directly into our security gateways, helps prevent information from being accidentally or maliciously transmitted to places it doesn’t belong. INSIDER THREAT DATA PROTECTION Every moment, your employees accidentally or intentionally create opportunities for breaches. Forcepoint lets you monitor user activity to identify the early warning signs of risky behavior, then detect and block attempts to move sensitive data in and out of your organization. SECURITY FOR CLOUD Forcepoint’s comprehensive products enable organizations to safely move to the Cloud, taking advantage of the latest technologies for mobile users and distributed organizations. We enable your mobile and distributed workforces to take full advantage of Office 365, web applications and email without sacrificing the controls and security you need. Forcepoint enables you to discover confidential data stored in sanctioned business apps like Box and Salesforce, and to identify risky unsanctioned apps that users access. We even give you the ability to protect the Linux server farms running your applications by detecting potential threats without compromising the performance of your line-of-business systems. NETWORK SECURITY In today’s world, organizations are more decentralized than ever. From a single console, our next-generation firewall lets you reliably enforce security policies across your agency locations, including remote and field locations, and even home offices. It integrates application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single, to deploy solution. ROBUST MULTILEVEL SECURITY SOLUTIONS Departments of Defense, Intelligence Communities, and Civilian agencies rely on physical network separation as one line of defense for sensitive and classified environments. This network structure is very secure but it is often cumbersome to work in and administer – multiple desktop machines, difficult to ensure the right data is in the right locations, and many software images to use and maintain. Forcepoint’s Multilevel Security (MLS) Cross Domain technologies are used to securely and easily Access and Transfer data and information between and within these physically separated networks. Security now works in the user and administrator’s favor: they are able to collaborate when and where they need to without onerous logistical barriers brought on by the physical separation. That translates to better mission decisions in real time and faster innovation — all with less hardware and overhead. A unified, cloud-centric security platform and robust multilevel security solutions to safeguard users, data and networks Access solutions, such as Trusted Thin Client®, facilitate seamless access to multiple networks and classification levels from a single endpoint device. The physical separation and the data itself are maintained in the datacenter. Transfer solutions, such as High Speed Guard™, Trusted Gateway System™ and Trusted Print Delivery™, facilitate secure and audited data movement between and within sensitive networks. Transfer solutions ensure that the right data is in the right place at the right time

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