Geospatial Visualization

Kongsberg Geospatial

Scott Hooper
Visualization real-time sensor integration 3d visualization webGL API Image Processing SDK

Kongsberg Geospatial is is a world leader in geospatial visualization for a wide range of real time applications including Situational Awareness, Mission Systems, ISR and Coastal Surveillance, Air Traffic Management, and air defense. Our customers use our COTS geospatial visualization software products & services across hundreds of US DOD & FAA programs, and typically chose us for our extreme performance and reliability, support for real-time operating systems including VxWorks, and stellar training and technical support programs for developers. Our TerraLens visualization SDK provides support for a broad range of standards, formats, and projections in a completely agnostic product that works with a wide array of development environments, languages, compilers, and platforms.

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