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Jimmy Zinter
Image Processing Visualization Collaboration GIS Remote Sensing

HiPER STARE® is a data access solution used to catalog, organize and share large volumes of Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) data within a services-oriented architecture and provides applications and analytics access to WAMI data via RESTful HTTP web services. Wide-area surveillance capabilities are game-changers for defense, intelligence and security missions. These systems have demonstrated unprecedented persistent operations which allows more efficient employment of multi-domain assets. This drastically improves situational awareness, trend analysis, activities-based intelligence, and pattern of life assessment for operators, analysts and decision-makers. However, persistent surveillance creates a burden for many users due to high volumes of data collected and some of the largest geospatial datasets which are difficult to access and share. PIXIA’s HiPER STARE easily manages these large volumes, making them rapidly accessible and shareable via open standards, while increasing performance, scalability and interoperability.

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