IBM API Connect


Jared Putman
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Application programming interfaces (API) act as the digital glue that links services, applications and systems together to create compelling customer experiences. They help you quickly create interfaces between back-end systems and applications. Sharing these interfaces with customers and developers can help you bring new digital services to market, open revenue channels and exceed customer expectations. IBM® API Connect is an API management solution that addresses critical aspects of the API lifecycle for both on-premises and cloud environments. IBM API Connect offers capabilities to create, run, manage and secure APIs and microservices. It also enables you to rapidly deploy and simplify administration of APIs across your organization. IBM API Connect offers features to manage the API lifecycle, including: Create—create high-quality, scalable and secure APIs for application servers, databases, enterprise service buses (ESB) and mainframes in minutes. Run—take advantage of integrated tooling to build, debug and deploy APIs and microservices using the Node.js or Java. Manage—create and manage portals that allow developers to quickly discover and consume APIs and securely access enterprise data, and monitor APIs to improve performance. Secure—Administrators can manage security and governance over APIs and the microservices. IT can set and enforce API policies to secure back-end information assets and comply with governance and regulatory mandates.

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