Ikena ISR


Dustin Puerto
Analytics Image Processing Gis Collaboration Remote Sensing

Ikena ISR is a GPU-accelerated software application that allows organizations to process and enhance video in real time. It also provides users with advanced analytics such as real-time detection and tracking, and a feature-rich geospatial toolset that can display hundreds of assets. It can be installed almost anywhere, on workstations, laptops or a cloud environment. Ikena ISR’s patented high-performance image processing and computer vision algorithms help analysts get actionable intelligence anywhere in the world. MotionDSP is committed to delivering its cutting-edge capabilities anywhere in the world. Working with industry leaders such as Intel, Nvidia, and Amazon, MotionDSP has spent years researching and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities when operating in a cloud-based environment. Applying this understanding, MotionDSP developed and deployed fully virtualized instances of Ikena ISR, a traditionally resource-intensive application, in both the commercial and government realms in order to provide real-time analysis and enhancement capabilities.

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