BIAS Corporation

Jeff Nobach
Infrastructure Engineered Systems Managed Services Data Center Storage Server Big Data Cloud Appliance In-memory Database Hosting

BIAS delivers comprehensive Infrastructure Services in support of the entire Oracle Red Stack, including servers, storage, engineered systems, databases and applications, as well as 24×7 Managed Services and Data Center Hosting in the BIAS cloud. Our Infrastructure experts understand exactly how to customize and optimize Oracle hardware, which mitigates inefficiencies and maximizes return on investment (ROI). We specialize in third-party integrations, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings and also provide capacity-on-demand services utilizing Oracle Engineered Systems and Cloud Hosting to supercharge scalability and limit software license impacts. Whether you need a focused solution, a complete architectural assessment or tailored support, the BIAS Infrastructure Team’s extensive expertise, proven methodologies and commitment to empowering our customers makes BIAS the right choice for optimizing your infrastructure. Learn more about our Infrastructure focus areas below, check out our data sheet downloads and contact us to learn more.

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