Steven H. Dam
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Innoslate® provides a fully integrated, cloud-based product lifecycle management solution that includes requirements management, process modeling, simulation, testing, and more. This software tool enables assessment of cost, schedule, performance, and risk. Innoslate comes with a database schema out of the box tailored to support the entire lifecycle, from concept to disposal. The schema includes requirements, with quality attributes and a quality checker to help you ensure you have created good requirements. Those requirements are related to many other classes of information, including the actions (functions), assets (components), risks, decisions, costs, etc. You can also add or hide attribute and relationships using the Schema Editor. All the data you capture can be imported or manually entered using the Import Analyzer and/or the many views and diagrams. If you like to work in a “document view,” there is Requirements View. If you like to work with diagrams, Innoslate has over 25 diagrams and matrices in which to capture the information, including the SysML Requirements Diagram. If you prefer to work in a tabular view, like a spreadsheet, there is the Table View, which is part of Database View. Innoslate is available on the IC Marketplace, as well as on NIPRNET and SIPRNET.

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