Innovative compromise and insider threat detection - ZERO false positives

Lightspeed Technologies Inc. DBA LP3

Scott Lawler
Cyber Security Infrastructure cloud

LP3 can deliver an innovative COTS capability to quickly alert the SOC whenever a workstation or server, on premise or in the cloud, is compromised. This innovative deception technology works very simply by detecting malicious activity like a burglar turning on a flashlight in a dark room. ZERO false positives means any alert is a compromise requiring immediate action. This technology is well proven and already widely used commercially by large retailers and financial organizations. LP3 can quickly integrate it into any IT environment significantly improving cyber response time and reducing the risk of missing advanced persistent threat attacks. If you need cyber innovation, reach out to LP3. We have a contract vehicle with 3-5 day award time also. We are easy to reach and fast to deliver the help you need for your program to succeed.

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