IT Systems Integration

Mercom Corporation

Erica Williams
Systems Integration It Integration Av Mobile Command Center Operation Center Collaboration Systems Conference Room Huddle Integration Video Wall Boardroom

Mercom Corporation’s IT experts leverage industry-leading practices to bring together multiple systems providing you with an overarching functionality. Keeping security in the forefront, we take your need of different systems and applications to create and provide one custom system. In doing so, we identify effective ways to save costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve service delivery while complying with the Government’s Federal Architecture (FEA) requirements. • Video Walls, Digital Signage, Video Distribution and Collaboration Systems • Point to Point & Multipoint Connectivity, Video Bridging, Firewalls & Infrastructure • Command and Control Operation Centers • Government Facilities • Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms and Distance Learning Facilities. • Mobile, Transportable, Tactical and First Responder

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