Machine Identity Protection

Venafi, Inc.

Lindsy Drake
Cyber Security SSL TLS SSH DevOps Encryption Certificate Management

You go to extraordinary lengths to protect the usernames and passwords that authenticate the humans on your network. Yet the keys and certificates that authenticate the machines on your network are left exposed and highly vulnerable. Secure the identity of the machines on your network by protecting their SSL/TLS certificates, SSH keys, and mobile certificates. Create Baseline Controls - Establish a trusted baseline for normal usage of your keys and certificates so you can easily identify anomalous usage Automate Remediation - Rapidly replace compromised keys and certificates, remove rogue keys, or restore configuration files to a known-good state Extend Existing Systems - Get multi-vendor support across the widest range of CAs, hardware security modules (HSMs), platforms, and deployments Enforce Security Policies - Apply and enforce enterprise-wide key and certificate policies to control workflow and critical attributes Secure Self Service - Speed certificate requests through a self-service portal for authorized system administrators, application owners, and end users Access Detailed Reporting - See everything you need to troubleshoot, verify compliance, and respond quickly to audit requests.

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