Keeper Technology, LLC

David Donald
Collaboration Search Data Management Metadata Unstructured Data

Mediaflux is an operating system for metadata and data enabling users, from individuals to distributed groups, to ingest, discover, and share any type of data. Mediaflux provides a comprehensive platform of services for rapidly developing and deploying applications to create, manipulate and manage data in single user or collaborative environments. Mediaflux combines multi-versioned metadata management with many other services including geospatial, workflow, federation, replication, and web serving into a single package that is simple to install, operate and administer. Mediaflux addresses a key customer need to classify and order data in such a way that it is readily available to all (with appropriate authorization) for collaboration and consumption. Data is easily found and delivered to the right place, at the right time, in the right format; all the while keeping an audit trail as data is ingested, stored, transformed, and consumed. Mediaflux is deployed in a two-tier client server architecture, combining a client and one or more Mediaflux servers. API Driven at the core, Mediaflux is easily integrated into existing applications and workflows as well as providing an extensible framework for new and unique interfaces.

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