Modeling and Real-Time Quality Control of Geospatial Data

Magnetic Variation Services

Stefan Maus
Modeling Analytics Gis Visualization Magnetics Gravity Error Modeling Quality Control Surveying Software Real-time Center Geophysics

MagVAR is the leading provider of geomagnetic and gravity reference models and software for subsurface navigation systems used in directional drilling by the oil and gas industry. Core competencies include: Geophysical surveying, data analysis, agile software development, magnetic and gravity field modeling, magnetic disturbance field monitoring, magnetometer and accelerometer calibration, error propagation modeling, computation of positional uncertainty, quality control of data against error models, least squares collocation for spatially anisotropic data, high-degree ellipsoidal harmonic expansions of geospatial data, coordinate transforms, merging of disparate multi-dimensional data sets, 3D representation of vector data using irregular meshes, stand-alone and web-based geophysical calculators, cloud-based real-time data transmission services. MagVAR maintains a 24/7 real-time operations center staffed by engineers and survey specialists.

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