Oracle Data Integrator


Robin Potharst
Data Integration Data Management Big Data Analytics Cloud Data Transfomation

Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition delivers high-performance data movement and transformation among enterprise platforms with its open and integrated E-LT architecture and extended support for Big Data. Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition is critical to leveraging data integration initiatives on-premise or in the cloud, such as Big Data management, Service Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence. An easy-to-use user interface combined with a rich extensibility framework helps Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition improve productivity, reduce development costs and lower total cost of ownership among data-centric architectures. Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition is open and standards-based to work with 3rd party applications as well as Oracle’s applications. Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data brings critical big data integration capabilities to enterprises by extending support to Hadoop standards. Through its decoupled design and implementation principles, ODI mappings seamlessly can switch between underlying Big Data technologies. Currently ODI for Big Data natively supports Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Pig and Spark. ODI also supports Apache Oozie scheduling, in addition to the traditional ODI agent to schedule and orchestrate big data mappings, procedures, packages and scenarios. Out of the box Knowledge Modules provide quick implementation and time to value to big data projects.

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