Placeography/Social Media Extraction Project

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

Carrie Sallaway
Social Media Machine Translation Semantic Reconciliation Cross Domain Security Analytics Search

The Social Media Extraction Project (SMEP) focuses on social media and open source scraping capabilities and the many associated problem sets that occur with open source data being exposed in an intelligence environment. It is a part of the larger Placeography effort of NGA. A commercial firm manages our social media scraping and text analytic capabilities with a bent towards NGA analysts’ requirements (e.g., counterterrorism, order of battle, counterproliferation, event security). Our overall goals include using open source (OSINT) to support indications and warning (I&W) alerting, pattern of life analysis, and the creation of a data stream that helps build more robust information stores of interest to NGA and the intelligence community. To these ends, we have set up independent lab environments in order to test and evaluate commercial capabilities, research Big Data analytics, and transition support into the C2S environment. Among associated problem sets that SMEP tackles are issues of intelligence oversight, machine translation, cross domain, entity extraction, identity management, ontologic services, semantic reconciliation services, etc.

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