Project Online Report Tool (PORT)

Eagle Ray, Inc

John Gannon
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Our Project Online Report Tool (PORT) is designed with out-of-the-box applications InfoPath and SharePoint, allows for end-to-end management of inter-agency projects throughout their life-cycle. Customers easily submit projects via an online InfoPath form stored in the centralized projects database. This dynamic form with over 20 custom views including executive summaries, automatically displays based on project phases. Projects are tracked with automated email notifications, real-time custom dashboards, and stakeholder alerts and notifications through key phases to include identification, review and approval, and close-out. Project stakeholders conduct project reviews and approvals online. PORT captures key metrics for analysis to include cycle times, outputs, cost, re-work and lessons learned to satisfy leadership requirements and allow for process improvements. Our robust tracking solution can be customized and applied to NGA's solution management process to allow for effective information capture, automated workflows to track solutions from receipt to close-out with custom views, online reviews and approvals, customer alerts and dashboards. This solution would be designed to allow for self-sustainment and little development maintenance. Furthermore, through our process oriented approach, Eagle Ray has created additional solutions leveraging out-of-the-box applications to allow for effective collaboration and information sharing across DoD organizations, industry and academia.

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