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Harris Corporation

Rich Brosseau
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If you are looking to capture and process high-quality panchromatic, multispectral, or hyperspectral imagery in your next airborne or spaceborne remote sensing system, talk to the remote sensing specialists at Harris. Leading-Edge Data Collection Better decision making begins with better data capture. Harris provides leading-edge space-based and airborne data collection. Our electro-optical, infrared, multispectral, and hyperspectral systems capture still and motion imagery to provide key intelligence, wide area surveillance, and material identification capabilities that enable fast, mission-critical decisions. Our capabilities include: •Multi-INT processing, visualization, and analysis solutions, tools, and components •Processors and electronics that digitize and compress the imagery •Test and verification of all processing components •Integration of the system and qualification of payloads •Dissemination solutions Sensor to Decision Missions often demands information in the field as the event is unfolding. Harris offers operationally proven, real-time embedded processing for material identification and persistent surveillance enabling more informed decision making in real time. Processed data needs to be delivered to those who take action. The value of an image or other spectral data is enhanced by the quality and quantity of information extracted from it. We provide a complete range of decision support solutions that help manage, exploit, analyze, visualize, interpret, and disseminate images or data, allowing faster, more effective action.

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