Sattelite Link Utilization Increase (96% Utilization - Lossless - Deterministic)


Steven Olshefski
Satellite Communications Data Transfer WAN Technology RDMA

Satellite Data-Link Utilization Breakthrough - A New Approach: Key Highlights of our Satellite Link Utilization Solution are: Improve satellite link utilization/efficiency rates by up to 800% - No Rip & Replace – works with existing configurations - Point-to-point connection: This is a layer-2 approach, not a compression/deduplication solution - Data is not examined – passes through untouched - Eliminates TCP as the mechanism for data transport and uses RDMA - Lossless data transfer with deterministic transfer rates - Transfer of data at near available bandwidth - Utilization rates of up to 96% efficiency - Bandwidth shaping available - Supports any entitled encryption

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