Tim Clark
Semantic Knowledge Management Civil-military Operations Knowledge Graph Triple Store Mobile Data Collection Machine Learning Collaboration

semLayer is a knowledge management cloud service and mobile collection and situational awareness capability that enables users to collect, organize, visualize, and share data. semLayer supports users in collecting data in the field on a mobile device and from other sensors and automatically annotates the data that is submitted to the central knowledge base for fusion and analysis. Once the data has been ingested, they can be easily queried to determine baselines, identify anomalies, and monitor data quality in support of data-driven operations and analysis. Information can also be disseminated to key stakeholders for further review and analysis. External data feeds from organizations can be viewed alongside collected data within geospatial environments. semLayer enables the building of information products through semantic queries of the data available in the knowledge base, visualizing results with charts, tables, calendars, maps, timelines, and PowerPoint slides, enabling users to export data automatically to existing information products for reporting, briefing, and external sharing purposes. semLayer is deployed worldwide as a Program of Record for the Marine Corps Civil Affairs community, meeting the stringent information security requirements of the U.S. Military.

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