Smart Interaction Device (SID)


Denise Nicholson
Analytics Collaboration Modeling Visualization

Intelligent user interface, called the Smart Interaction Device (SID) that facilitates a dialogue between the user and the system. SID works with the user to understand the user’s intent, including asking any clarification questions. Once an understanding is established, SID translates that intent into the language of the platform. SID also monitors the platform’s progress in order to give feedback to the user about status or problems that arise. We have incorporated multiple input modalities, including speech, gesture, and sketch as natural ways for a user to communicate with unmanned platforms and have concepts for implementing with advanced analytic systems. SID also provides multiple modes of feedback, including graphics, video and speech. We describe SID’s architecture and some examples of its application in different domains in a publication available on our website: Taylor, G., Frederiksen, R., Crossman, J., Quist, M., & Theisen, P. (2012). A Multi-Modal Intelligent User Interface for Supervisory Control of Unmanned Platforms. Paper presented at the Collaboration Technologies and Systems Collaborative Robots and Human Robot Interaction Workshop.

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