Spike by ikeGPS

Brian Soliday
Gis Infrastructure Modeling

Spike allows staff to measure objects, such as buildings, facilities or assets, simply by capturing a photo from their Smartphone or Tablet. From that photo they can measure height, width, area, length, and cutout areas. In addition, staff can quickly and safely capture a target’s location (x,y,z coordinates), their location, and a scaled image of the target. The Spike device, Spike mobile app, and a smartphone or tablet all work together to create an asset survey solution. All data/measurements and captured photos can easily be shared across all mission planning resources. Access to the photos is provided at any time, for staff to view the original measurements, or take new measurements on the previously captured photos. Measurements and location are saved with the photo, and can be easily shared as a PDF, Spike file (XML), or KMZ for easy ingest into a variety of GIS tools in support of USSOCOM’s mission. The Spike is a widely supported (iOS & Android), easy to use, small (3.30in x 2.35in x .82in), and extremely lightweight (2.05 ounces) measurement solution.

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