The Imagery Storefront


Todd Jamison
Image Processing Remote Sensing Analytics Collection Management Commercial Imagery Cloud Exploitation

What if your enterprise or agency could access the multitude of commercial and civilian imagery satellites through one easy-to-use, unclassified portal? The Imagery Storefront is an automated, consistent, fast and simple cloud-based system for ordering commercial and civilian imagery and then processing and exploiting it. The Imagery Storefront provides access to the many taskable satellite systems by treating them as a single diverse constellation. Users logging onto the portal can query existing archives and run feasibility checks for new collection from all data providers at one time, and then directly order their desired data and processing. As each provider makes data sets available, they are automatically downloaded onto the Imagery Storefront servers, converted into standard sensor-independent formats and made available for immediate access by users. Web clients allow basic exploitation of the data. Or, for sophisticated users, a high-powered cloud workstation environment is available with advanced tools needed by imagery analysts and scientists, including SOCET GXP®, RemoteView®, ENVI® or their other favorite applications. Since the cloud workstations are physically near the data, processing is fast and efficient – even for huge data sets.

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