ABTO Software

Ukraine / USA

About Us

ABTO Software is a full-cycle custom software engineering company, launched in 2007.  We have earned a status of a trusted long-term software development partner for our customers in North America and the EU with a high quality delivery and business continuity. We successfully use the research of our R&D office and technological expertise of our software engineers to deliver innovations to our customers:

  • Operations Management System for one of the largest Railways networks in Europe
  • Software solution #1 in the world for horizontal drilling that applies advanced math modeling to accurately calculate drilling trajectory
  • Enterprise cloud software that handle millions of users each day with high performance and security level   
  • Award-winning energy efficiency solution, used nationwide

Solutions. We build and train intelligent applications that help businesses improve safety of people’s homes, fight fraud and reduce number of traffic incidents. By applying advanced computer vision algorithms, powered with machine learning we are able to extract meaningful information from images and translate it into real-world business applications.




ABTO Software