Inspiring Altitude

Aerial Survey, Research and Development Flight Services, Remote Sensing, Test and Evaluation
Denison, TX

About Us

• Airborne Resources, Inc., a small, woman-owned business, offers a variety of highly customizable aircraft to fly Research, Development, Test and Evaluation payloads.
• As a leading provider of innovative flight solutions, our highly experienced crews, dedicated technicians, and scientists will get your turret, pod, or palletized instruments into the air in the most cost-effective manner.
• We have a variety of aircraft to meet your data acquisition needs. From low and slow, to high and fast, we have an aircraft to fit any need! 

•Our extensive experience with government, military, academic, and industry partners assures you that the job will be completed to the highest standards in the industry.


Convair C-131: a large, highly modified, heavy lift twin with an endurance of 8-10 hours, room for up 10,000 lbs of payload and ample power makes this a flying laboratory! It has 5 clear air portals on the belly, 3 large radomes, and hardpoints on the belly and wings for attaching pylon-mounted equipment.

Piper Cheyenne 400LS: pressurized, 9 passenger twin-engine turboprop with world record climb performance and cruise speed of 335 knots. Modified with optically correct glass windows, centerline hardpoints along the belly, and BRU-15 pylon mount.

 Grob Egrett G520: very high altitude research aircraft capable of flights up to 53,000 ft and endurance of 8-9 hours. Very configurable with multiple payload bays on the belly and turtle deck for both downward and upward viewing capabilities.

Gulfstream GIISP: intercontinental business jet available for research and development applications. Capable of flights up to 45,000 ft and speeds of Mach .84, this aircraft is highly customized to meet customer needs.
 Piper Navajo Chieftain: cabin-class twin with two large (21 inch) downward-looking portals makes this an ideal survey aircraft. 4-6 hours endurance, useful load of 2600 lbs. and seating for up to 8 with both 28V DC and 115V AC power (3000 watts).

Beech Baron: light twin aircraft with one downward looking centerline portal makes this an ideal, cost-effective survey airplane. As with our other aircraft, this one is highly modifiable to meet customer specifications.
 Eurocopter SA318 Alouette Helicopter: 5 place turbine helicopter with external load carrying capabilities for low and slow flight testing requirements.
 Temco TT-1 Super Pinto: 2-place military jet trainer capable of going 400 kts at 28,000 feet, this jet is ideal as a target aircraft, surrogate attack airplane, or high-G test platform.