Altamira Technologies Corp

Full Spectrum Innovation

National Security, Analytics, Big Data, Comms & Sensors, Cyber, Mobility, Visualization
McLean, VA

About Us

Altamira Technologies Corporation is a top open source technology company in the national security space. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Altamira provides engineering and analytic services to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities.

Our cleared engineers develop and implement big data solutions for knowledge management and advanced analytics. We are authors and contributors to leading open source tools, including Lumify, an open source big data analysis and visualization platform built by Altamira engineers.

Altamira Technologies Corporation was formed in January of 2013, when McLean-based Invertix Corporation and Reston-based Near Infinity Corporation merged. Both legacy companies have a long history of support to the DOD and U.S. Intelligence Community with a wide range of talent in software development, infrastructure, analysis and project management.‚Äč

Altamira Technologies Corp