Aptima, Inc. is a leading human-centered research and development company, integrating social science and engineering to produce new knowledge and new technologies that ensure mission success.

Analytics, Modeling, and Simulation; Performance Measurement; Training
Woburn, MA; Washington, DC; Dayton, OH; Orlando, FL

About Us

Aptima Inc. was founded in 1995 with the vision of optimizing human performance in mission-critical environments. Aptima analyzes complex systems to support the design of technologies, work processes, and organizations. We conduct these analyses using a variety of knowledge elicitation, modeling, and simulation techniques. Aptima optimizes the design of warfighting teams and organizations, including the definition of optimal crew size, roles, and responsibilities for human crew members in completing missions. Our software tools have been used to define optimal organizations for command and control systems, including the CIC, AWACS, FCS, and, in partnership with Lockheed Martin, the DD-21. Aptima designs user interfaces for integrated software components. We pioneered the application of Cognitive Work Analysis and Ecological Interface Design for workstation and "multifunction display" design in complex systems, including an effort with Lockheed Martin's ATL for conceptual interfaces to control unmanned vehicle systems within ICARUS. Aptima evaluates human-systems usability and utility using measurement technologies and usability techniques. Our measurement technology includes tools for rapidly defining measures of human performance, and integrating performance measures and assessments from simulation systems, expert observers, and other technologies. Aptima develops training requirements, content, and technology. We apply a unique approach for identifying critical competencies for effective warfighting and use them to develop crew training requirements, content, technologies, and measures of crew member performance.