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Global Littorals
Camden, NJ

About Us

We add Context to Pixels (Images). The images may be optical or from synthetic aperture radar. Our software is called CATE (Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation) and it aggregates 50+ maritime databases including satellite AIS geospatial data, does anomaly detection, predictive analytics and produces near real-time threat evaluation for all surface targets worldwide. 70% of the earth surface is covered by water and home to 90% of global trade. The biggest challenge to maritime security, maritime domain awareness is from nefarious, non-compliant and asymmetric threats. Understanding INTENT is the biggest challenge. Our software has been operationally deployed since 2006 in the Straits of Singapore and was integrated in 2008 in the Australian Maritime Information System. The software delivers spatio-temporal reasonaing and ascertain maritime contextual threats. Cuurently we have integrated with Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar data and are in the process of integrating with optical data sources. We consider our product to be a valuable commercial GEOINT tool for the Warfighter, Combatant Commands and other stakeholders addressing challenges in the Global Littorals. It is a commercial COTS hence valuable for coalition sharing. The product is goverened by the US DOC (BIS) rules using open source data and/or subscription to date.