CyGlass Inc.

Cyber analytics for federal and commercial markets
Littleton, MA

About Us

CyGlass specializes in Cyber/Network Security, Big-data Analytics, and Cognitive Tools/Applications for Enterprise, Mobile, Healthcare, and Financial environments serving Federal and Commercial Markets. We’ve been in business since 2000 building on solid research and using emerging technologies to extend the state of the art – with new capabilities, improved efficiency and greater economy. We’re committed to open standards and best practices, ensuring the highest quality control and ROI for our customers. CyGlass is a leader in cognitive analytics and its application to behavior learning  and prediction of ‘connected things’ in cyber networks, process control (scada networks)  and IOT applications. Our focus is on cyber analytics with applications for cyber situational awareness and understanding, network mapping, mission dependency mapping, cyber offense/defense, insider threat, and anomalous/malicious behavior detection.  Our work encompasses rapid research and development, design, prototyping, demonstration, use case scenario development, experimentation & evaluation, integration, testing and delivery.  CyGlass products target the area of cyber situational awareness/understanding with a focus on using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and genetic algorithms to address the cyber challenges e.g. advanced persistent threat, insider thereat, malware threat analysis, and lateral movement.